My full name is Alexandria Raven


I’m a portrait and

wedding photographer.

I graduated from The Art Institute for Photography in 2015. My passion for photography started as many passions do… with a boy. True story: My friend in high school had her heart broken by a guy. So, obviously, I decided to dress her up, take adorable photos of her with my family’s nice camera, and post them all over Facebook. You know, as you do in high school to get even and pump up your friend’s self-esteem. I’m sure the guy regretted his decision, and as for me? I tapped into a gift and passion I’ve been pursuing ever since.

I live with my fiancé Carson in a small town called West, Texas, about 20 minutes outside Waco. If I’m completely honest, though, I really live in Target… and live off of Tex-Mex. Chips and Queso are life, wouldn’t you agree? I’m a believer in my main man Jesus Christ. I thrive on long lunches with friends, way too much matcha green tea, and speaking fluently in sarcasm. My days are spent editing photos on my couch, watching re-runs of “The Office,” and getting to know you, my clients! I can promise my clients two things: We will get you a ton of stunning, hilarious, and touching photos, and we’ll have a dang good time together getting them.

I adore capturing individuals’ unique personalities with portraits. And of course, I absolutely cherish photographing couples during the most special moments of their relationship. It’s really simple: I love what I do. My passion has always been photography, and as a Type 7 on the Enneagram, I’m positive, and enthusiastic, and creative as heck! You deserve to have emotion-filled photos that make you laugh, cry, and remember this incredible time in your life.

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