For my grandma…

Thank you for showing me what photography really means, and where I would like to go with it...

In December 2014, it hit me that for the four years I have been doing photography I never did what I said I have always wanted to do. I never made the time for it because I thought I had all the time in the world. When my grandma passed away December 10th, 2014, it was too late. You see, I always had this idea to photograph her cooking in the kitchen making some of her award winning kolaches or her fried okra that I loved so much.  I held on to the regret of not making the time for her and our family until this day. 

I want to be able to give photographs to loved ones so they can hold onto them forever. A small voice in the back of my head kept reminding me of this through an idea I had—it was telling me to photograph at the West Rest Haven (a nursing home in West, Texas). Back in February, I finally decided to call the West Rest Haven to see what their thoughts would be ... and to my surprise, a week later we had a date set to photograph the residents! We figured we'd have 10 families sign their loved ones up but seriously, we ended up photographing 50 residents!!! We couldn't believe it! 

We often forget to photograph the elderly, especially ones who are in a rest home. The days we came to photograph the residents, I wanted to make them feel special. We spruced up their  hair and make up, we told them how handsome, beautiful and sometimes how sexy they looked (haha), dressed them up with some fancy earrings or necklace and gave them flowers that were donated by Flowers and Ink Designs! I hope it was a day they enjoyed because I know everyone that was involved was beaming! 

I am still so excited about this project! I had no idea what to expect but I knew it was going to be something good. These photographs are near and dear to me because I know how much it will mean to the families!  That's what photography is all about, right? Of course, it’s all about capturing the moment, but also capturing the personality of a person so that the photograph not only tells you, but reminds you who they are.

These photos made an impact where it brought us to being on the Morning Buzz, check it out here! (: Many thanks to Erin Morris, Christina Morris, my sweet mother Deedee, and the staff at the West Rest Haven for making this possible!