Why engagements?

Engagements are my way of getting to know you and your partner more. It helps me tremendously on your wedding day because I already know how to photograph you two. I know what makes you two laugh and relax, and you know what to expect from me. It makes the wedding day less stressful since you already know who your photographer already is.


How do I make you two feel relaxed in front of the camera?

I keep your hair looking good and I make sure your make up is where it's suppose to be so you have one less thing to worry about. I pose you down to how I want your fingers placed so please don't think for a second that you're making up the poses. I'm beyond sarcastic so I will make you laugh at some point, I promise. I tell you where to look, when to smile and when to not smile, how to walk the walk, and when to make out. I got you. I'm going to show off your love for each other. Are you ready?

Do I travel?

Uh duh. Yes! Please know that flights and hotel accommodations for three - four days is required so that any required location scouting can be done.

How do we make this official?

I require a signed contract and a non-refundable retainer (portrait sessions are due in full when booking). I'm unable to hold dates until I've received both the contract and retainer. The rest of the total is due 30 days before the event date.


Do I give RAW files?

No. You wouldn't be able to open or print them any way.

Venders. Where to begin?