My fiancé Carson and I were in a constant state of awe during our visit to London. There is so much to see in this city but we did the most we could in five days. True story : Carson and I wish we would of watched the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ before we visited London. Now we are determined to go back to London to see locations we have learned about in the series. Haha!

I’m excited to share all the historical places we visited during our vacation!

  1. Big Ben & Westminster Bridge

    Unfortunately when we were there, Big Ben was under construction so we didn’t get those amazing photos with Ben in the background but we sufficed. 😉

    We had our engagement photos taken in freaking London!!!! I have dreamed about this day even before I met Carson on the goals I have our my future engagement photos… I never would of imagined we’d photograph them in London. What a dream! To see more of our engagement photos, click here!


2. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Wow! This church has been around for 1400 years! Insane. There was so many things to see and admire.

We got to St. Paul’s right when it opened and stayed for three hours looking around. Around the time we were done, a service was about to start where we were able to take The Eucharist (happens at 12:30 every day) while we were there. Such a great experience!


We walked up 500+ steps to get to the top of St. Paul’s to see the city scape. I will admit that my legs were so dang sore the rest of the trip because of this climb! Haha.


3. Covent Garden — Neal’s Yard & Piccadilly Circus

We stayed in an airbnb (click here to see our place) in Covent Garden area. It was pretty central to every where we wanted to visit. We were walking distance to so many restaurants and pubs. We were near Piccadilly Circus where you know you take those iconic photos in middle of street with a red two story bus goes by. Oh yeah… you know I needed that shot. Carson was a great instagram husband! 🤪

You’ll want to visit Covent Garden’s Piazza during this time. ( I have no photos because I was focused on shopping! Haha )

near Piccadilly Circus

near Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus

Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard was a little hidden alley way. It’s so freaking cute and colorful! We had breakfast at 26 grain one morning. I shopped at a place called Neal’s Yard Remedies which had all natural & organic skin care. I forgot to pack my toner so I was super excited to find this company.

Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard

3. Westminster Abbey

Okay THIS church was AMAZING! You are not allowed to take photos inside the church which really made Carson and I take in all the crazy beautiful things we were seeing. We spent a good 4 hours looking at every detail and we were able to have Holy Communion at 11:30AM. I did take photos of the court yard once we were outside of the church… If these photos leave you speechless, you could only imagine the inside.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

A friend of mine mentioned that we should go back to Westminster Abbey to hear the choir. It’s called Evensong and it’s every Thursday at 5:30PM AND it’s for free!

Highly recommend!

4. The Lion King show at Lyceum Theatre

I could not recommend this enough. It’s worth the price on tickets and the show had us wanting more! At the end, Carson and I stood up to give a around of applause!!! Literally no one around was doing the same so we made the people behind us very irritated but WE LOVED THE SHOW SO MUCH! After the show, we hopped on one of those bike caps and headed to dinner riding through the city!


5. Buckingham Palace


We did the State Room tour at Buckingham Palace during one afternoon. We went through 14 different rooms and learned so much about Queen Victoria. It was a great experience! I even saw the new Prime Minster get into his car while we were going through Buckingham. I for sure said out loud, I think Donald Trump just got in that car. A nice British woman corrected me! Haha.

Later that night, we headed back to Buckingham Palace around 9:30PM. It was probably the best choice because it was barley anyone crowding the gate and we were able to relax at the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.


restaurant recommendations:

  1. Burger & Lobster — I got the Lobster Roll. It was so damn good. Don’t even pay attention to what Carson got because mine was the best! 😉


2. The Ivy — I got the lamb rump with jasmine tea. It’s right next to the Tower Bridge.


3. Milk Train — This ice cream shop is near Covent Garden Piazza. Highly recommend if you want a cute Instagram photos! Haha.


4. Paul — I don’t even know what I got but I know it was pretty good breakfast! ;)


My last two suggestions:

  1. Buy tickets online for all the tours you want to go on. The lines can get terribly long and if you already have tickets bought for the tour, you’ll be in the door within a couple minutes. We bought tickets for St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Lion King and Buckingham Palace.

  2. This may just be Carson and I preference but we wish would of not wasted one of our mornings at the Natural History Museum. It’s the same kind of information I could get in a city that I live an hour away from.

    There is one places Carson and I regret not visiting which was the Tower of London. I’m headed back to London in October with my mother and aunt! We will 100% be visiting there!

    I hope this post helped with you future travels to London Town! (: