El Progreso, Honduras | fourth time around..

Seriously, how blessed am I? Some days I have to remind myself how blessed I am and other days I am filled with joy knowing how truly blessed my life is. I would of never thought in a million billion years that I would of traveled to Honduras four times in a year in a half. This is just a reminder when it's Gods will, He will provide. And he has provided plenty. 

These days, you will find me in Dallas living in an apartment. After my trip to Honduras in July, I decided to move out on my own... taking a leap into this big world. So far I am surviving. As of right now, I could make rent till January. I guess you could say I am doing good. Haha! This past trip to Honduras, I spent a total of $30. Now why can't I do that when I am in America? Maybe because in Honduras, I am so satisfied I don't need any more than I already have. When I am in Texas, it's like I am keeping up with the Jones but we all know I can't keep up and even if I could.. It'd only be a temporary satisfaction. I catch myself always trying to have the next best thing. What clothes do I desperately need? What will make me lose weight faster? AND SERIOUSLY how will I survive without over the knee boots this winter? I'm looking at my tennis shoes right now thinking how I need new ones because I left my stupidly too small shoes in Honduras, not to mention that I have three other tennis shoes in my closet. What kind of monster am I? All these things will only satisfy me for a week or two. The clothes will eventually get lost in my closet. I'd lose weight if I'd just flippin' eat right and work out on the reg. And shoes, while they do make me very happy, you forget the joy fairly quickly. Honduras satisfies my heart and soul. Sounds so clique to say, but I can't think of any other way to explain it. God can do more with less. Stop telling yourself, you don't have enough. God says, you are enough. He will supply all your needs. 

The November trips with Friends of Los Niños is when we get to celebrate Christmas with the kids. I got to photograph each child from COPPROME opening their gifts from their pardons (sponsors). I noticed the one thing the kids loved the most, is the letters and especially pictures that are sent with their gifts. So if I could tell all the sponsors one thing, your letters matter.

I watch my Sindy baby open the gifts I gave her and immediately realizing the shoes I got her are too small. So I asked her if she'd like another pair and she looked at me like I was crazy and said no. Hold up, what? Sindy's "no" surprised me. She was satisfied with what she received, she didn't need anymore. So of course, even with her no, I couldn't help myself. I went and bought her some make up. This is a new interest that she has this time around. It's so fun to watch her grow. 

My most favorite thing is doing the children's head shots. It has helped me build relationships and now knowing all their names like the back of my hand. This year while taking their head shots, they seemed much more comfortable with me than last year. Almost like it was routine, like oh yeah Alex is here.. we know what is coming next, a camera in my face. Routines make me want to run so far away, but this a routine I will never get tired of. 

We visited one of the most amazing villages where poverty exist everywhere you looked, Brisas Del Salto. Once our van arrived, everyone in the community gathered with smiles on their faces wanting to give hugs and to hold our hands. These people treated us as if we were their saving grace. I didn't feel worthy of that what so ever. This village needs electricity, water and a school for the children. Some of the children walk up to an hour to school every day. They have well over 150 children in this village and it shouldn't surprise you that many can't make it to school because it's too far. Brisas Del Salto has a tilapia farm where they sell around two hundred fish a week. We had lunch at a home in their village. What an experience! To actually have the chance to be one with them. With the little to no money that they have, they wanted to feed and give us drink? Again, I didn't feel worthy. We went through the village, around 100 people joining us as we walked to homes where people couldn't physically come to us. We visited a family who has a son with cerebral palsy, a man named Thomas and his sister who were extremely malnourished, a little boy that is smiling in his little house made out of tarp. Could you even imagine if this was you? I couldn't. It brings me to tears. 

We visited this village the day of the election. God has a way of showing us things that really matter when we need to see or hear them.  Reminding me that I am not in control of my life. I don't get to say how or when things will happen. That day, I was so thankful to be born in America with so many opportunities. I wrote on Facebook, "Let's stop wondering what to do next in this life, do the good that is in front of you. Leave the worrying for the non believers. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I do know who holds tomorrow. Be joyful, thankful and kind. Just be." 

COPPROME Orphanage literally has my heart and soul. The children, the blue walls, the beautiful lighting it creates, the teachers, and the soccer balls that you could trip over or get hit with at any moment. I love the ugly and the good. Children are likely to live up to what we believe in them. Friends of Los Niños gives these children so much love, support and lasting relationships. One night I was talking with some of the kids, and it was overwhelming with how they expect and just know I will be back in June. God willing, I will be there 10000000%. The relationships we are building is something I now can never live without. 

There's no greater joy than helping children find theirs! 

We left Honduras on such a good note! COPPROME has gained three new workers!!! And what wonderful people they are!!! We had the pleasure on getting to know them the week we were there. I am so anxious / excited to know how things are going when we come back in June. 

I have some fun news!!!

Sister Teresita (the one holding her backpack) is the beautiful woman who started COPPROME Orphanage 27 years ago. Sister will be in West, Texas at mass this Sunday (Nov. 20th) at St. Mary's Church in West. I cannot control my excitement over this, finally being able to share a piece of Honduras with my hometown. I am blessed. 

That being said, get your butts to church Sunday. 

Feliz Navidad, COPPROME. 

Much love,