Day 6 | El Progreso, Honduras

We woke up early this morning to pick up Sister. We were headed to the second village we had planned to visit this week called Buen Ejemplo. It was a long and bumpy four hour drive. We headed up a mountain to visit a Diocesan Retreat House stylized in Franciscan way. As we were going up the mountains it was narrow gravel roads, and like I have said before we were in a van that has no idea what shocks are. There's no way we went five seconds without hitting the next bump. Hello car sickness. I do not want to hear anyone ever complain about roads being bad again. Haha! We had a driver name Fernando "Nando" who was so much fun with a hilarious personality. I am sure by the end of the day he just looooved me. I made him stop about three times on the side of the mountain so I could jump out and photograph the beautiful view. 

We made it to the retreat center. It was a very neat place. A man who lives there gave us maracuya and bananas that were grown around the retreat. The maracuya was defentinely interesting and super sour. BUT the bananas, oh my goodness, the best banana I have ever had. 


We started to head back down the mountain to go an hour down the road and up another mountain. We had to cross this interesting cable bridge to get to the village. Naturally we all got out of the van because we didn't trust that it'd hold all of us so we walked across the bridge. If it didn't fall apart at least it was a long fall, right? FYI- Nando didn't even ask if we wanted out when we were headed back. He just went for it. We made it. Yes, I had a heart attack. 


Buen Ejemplo is a very poor community that was surrounded by sugar cane. We parked the van in front of this mans house who seemed to be the "mayor" of the village. He knew Sister very well. He was the one who was in control of everything for the day and I could tell the people of Buen Ejemplo really respected him. 

Once we arrived, we headed about two miles past a clear water creek, over a cable bridge, and up a hill so Father Paul could anoint the sick of two women. We delivered one woman a wheel chair that was paralyzed. She did not need it to get around because she couldn't get far on those gravel roads. She needed it to simply take a shower. 

We made our way back to the village. While we were gone the people of the village were preparing the church. We had a little time before mass so of course I had to photograph all the children that were around me. 


The photographs below is the church that is in the village. Nando was entertained by their church bell which as you can see is a car rim that you hit with a rock. Pretty creative if you ask me! 

Once mass started, more and more people would come in ready to worship and sing! Oh my goodness, there was such beautiful light inside the church. I had to apologize to Father Paul for taking too many photographs during mass. 


After communion I took a step outside because I felt like my camera was too distracting for the children and I honestly needed a breath of fresh air. I went around the corner of the church and that's when I found a girl and a dog. I sat on the sidewalk just watching and took photographs of them. Once she finally noticed me she came walking towards me to see the photographs. I asked her in Spanish what her name is? I realized that she couldn't even speak her own language. 

I haven't cried this whole trip until this moment. I had six days of new experiences and emotions washing over me. I just sat there and cried. While this little girl is leaning on me looking at my photographs, she noticed that I was crying and she just smiled at me. At that moment I felt a nice cool breeze and realized that this is such a God moment. There is no one around but a girl, a dog and me. I thanked God on that sidewalk for the life He has given me. I know very easily I could of been this little girl struggling for the next week. I have never appreciated my life as much as I did in that one moment. It was a spiritual awakening that I will never forget. 






I finally got up from that sidewalk and got myself together. We all headed back to the van to distribute shoes. Kelsey and Chelsea were amazing at getting shoes out to everyone and making sure everyone got a pair. Yes, they are matching. They did this three days in a row. They said it wasn't on purpose so I guess I will believe them! Haha!

This day was emotional. One reason is because of everything I saw today and the past six days. Another reason is because we weren't able to see the children at Copprome. I wish I had the power to take all these children and put them into better living situations. All I know that I can do is  pray for these children, and the great thing is that you can too. I have faith in Jesus because I know that He so deeply loves His children. 

See you tomorrow! Our final day in Honduras. xo