Day 1 | Reunited...

It was a long four months between July and November. When I came back from Honduras in July, I went through some health problems for about two weeks. I knew it would be hard to convince my family that even though I was significantly out of commission for a while after returning, I was without a doubt heading back in November. My family...I mean, where do I even start? They are just beautiful. They fully supported me going back to serve theses children...The only catch is, I had to get through my last quarter of school, so I could FINALLY call myself a college graduate. (I did, by the way! Woo!) That last quarter of school was a stressful time for myself, but I am not kidding, what got me through all of it is knowing that I will be reunited with the children of COPPROME soon enough. 

I was headed on this trip with all women (can you imagine the amount of estrogen on that flight?), and I am so thankful to say that one of the women I got to share this experience with was DeeDee, my mother. It's a happiness that she and I never saw each other in before. We also had some awesome women from the Round Rock area, Annamarie, Melissa, and Kathryn, and of course, Katrina, who is the woman who makes all these trips happen. God bless her. 

I was more nervous than excited about heading back to Honduras. I shared so many special moments with the children of COPPROME that made such a huge impact on my life. I was nervous for some silly reason that these children would not remember exactly who I was, but as you know, children are always full of surprises. 

We arrived at San Pedro Sula airport, and I was so anxious to see if Katrina brought any COPPROME children with her. We walked through the doors after getting our luggage, and I saw my sweet Graciela with the biggest smile reaching out her hands. We hugged for what seemed like forever, and I immediately became overwhelmed with joy. 

I could not wait to get to COPPROME. Oh my goodness! I was so ready to squeeze everyone. The children greeted us by chasing after our van and opening the door for us. The first little one I see is Joseph. He stole my heart during my first trip, and I never got it back. I never knew I could get some of the best hugs in such a short period of time but, man, I didn't want it to stop. 

I didn't take any photos with my camera this day because I really wanted just to enjoy myself with the children, so here is the one photo I managed to snap with my iPhone.

Allan, myself & Joseph 

Allan, myself & Joseph