Downtown Dallas styled shoot

Katelyn + Luke

Here’s a tip for my beginner (or even super professional) photographer friends… Photograph shoots YOU WANT TO DO more often. All you have to do is contact that stupidly good looking couple you follow on Instagram (you know who I’m talking about) and photograph them the way YOU WANT TO. Yes, the shoot are for free but look at this content we created that I will be sharing FOREVER.

BRIDAL DRESS | JoAnn’s Bridal

HOT MODELS | Katelyn + Luke

The Holecek's

Ashton + Kole


My favorite part of Ashton + Kole’s wedding day was when Ashton’s father gave his toast. He was talking about how every couple has a celebrity couple name and went on to list many like Bradgelina (RIP) and even named off the groom’s sister and brother-in-law couple name which is Bendall. Then he raised up his glass and said “Cheers to Ashole!” The crowed roared with laughter for a good 3 minutes. So that being said, I wish the Ashole’s many many years of happiness. (:

Venue | Vintage Oaks Ranch

H&MU | Katy Reddell Beauty

Second shooter | Hannah Henke