I'm a believer + wedding photographer who graduated from The Art Institute for Photography. I live in Central Texas. But if I'm honest, I actually live in Target and live off of Tex-mex. Most days you will find me editing and  watching re-runs of The Office. I spend my time having lunch with friends, drinking way too many matcha green tea lattes, speaking in sarcasm, listening or telling the most awkward stories.  

I started photography  when I was a senior in high school because my friend had her heart broken. I decided to get her dressed up, take some photos of her and posted her photos on Facebook... you know, to show this guy what he's missing. (As a typical high schooler would) I'm still posting photographs on social media BUT the photographs have changed to your future husband seeing you for the first time on the most special day of your lives. *cue the tears*  

Photography is and always will be my passion. Your love deserves to have the most emotion filled photographs. I will be there to highlight your moments for your engagements + wedding day! 

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Things I like:

 1. Dinosaurs

2. Health Ade Kombucha 

3. Amazon Prime

4. Parks and Rec

5. Volleyball

6. Central Market basil pesto

7. Junior Mints

8. Adele

9. Anthropologie

10. When you hire me  

Other than photography...


I'm super in love with Jesus because He has radically changed my life over two years ago. He saved me on my first mission trip to Honduras. Now, I travel to Honduras twice a year with Friends of Los Niños where we serve children living in an orphanage and a village called Brisas del Salto. These children have my whole entire heart. Want to know more about my journey, click here


This past summer, I spent two months in El Progreso, Honduras. During that stay, a team of awesome people and I founded a non-profit call BE 4 ONE (@be4one). Our application is submitted to be an official organization. This past November, we started work with 25 women in a village called Brisas del Salto where they making leather bags. Right now our work takes place in Honduras // future plan is to go worldwide. DREAM BIG

Want to help? Email be4oneorg@gmail.com


I'm starting to realize my whole life is surrounded by children. Haha!  BUT look how adorable my nephew Luke and my nieces Piper Rose and Adalyn are! I have to show them off. They have been giving me so much joy for 10 years now. #auntlifeisthebestlife


I like the adventure. Whether it's tripping in the sand or hanging out the window in the freezing cold!  

Recent work in Honduras. To see more, click here