I wish I would trust God as much as I trust my camera strap. 

That's a shout out to all the photographers out there. Think about how much we trust our camera strap. We want to free our hands? We depend on the straps. We let what gives us a living hang from straps with confidence that it won’t fall. WHAT IF we trusted God that much? WHAT IF we had so much confidence in God that we don’t even worry about falling? We’d be set free. 

I look back at my journal now on what I wrote on the airplane. “What did I get myself into? How can I get out of this? ” I was shaking, sweating, and my heart was beating outside my chest. My first night in Honduras was a nightmare… I was going home the next day. The next day came…  I was for sure going home the next week. Then the next week came… ok I’m going home first week of July. First week of July flew by… and now it's August. I keep telling God “WE MADE IT!” Like He didn’t know the end result already. 

We have heard it all before when were going through struggles, “God will provide”. When I use to hear this, I would roll my eyes into next week. My testimony for this summer is how much God provided for me. I can say with confidence this past year, God was preparing me for this journey and I don’t think my journey is ending after this summer…. because I know I didn’t come this far to only come this far. 

God provided people that I needed in Honduras to keep me going. He started by providing a sweet mother and daughter at the Houston airport that met up with me two weeks later in Honduras and introduced me to an amazing friend who shares so many of the same dreams as me. Then when I was near giving up, I was provided sisters that offered their home to me during my stay. God seriously surrounded me around GOOD human beings every single day. I felt protected and loved with every person He put on my path. These people were God sent and trust me when I tell you that I’ve told each one that they are my Angels about 235235 times. 

LET ME JUST MENTION HOW COOL THIS IS! You know the sisters I lived with? One of them is the psychologist at COPPROME orphanage. OK… are you following me? The Burgers & Bingo Fundraiser we put on in April provided a full year of psychology for the children. If it wasn’t for Burgers & Bingo… I would of never met these sisters. I would of went home week one. GOD IS AT WORK

 I've never felt more sure that this where I'm suppose to be. Where He guides, HE PROVIDES.

"The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength." Isaiah 58:11

You know… these kind of things happen every day. We don’t have to go on an adventure to a third world country to experience Gods work. This is God and I's journey... Your journey with God will look different from the next person and that's the beauty in it all. But I think the problem is we don’t sit and focus on what God is doing in our lives. We are too busy, too worried, too EVERYTHING but never patient. I have learned this summer in mission work how giving your time is so valuable. You can give everything you have but if you sit and give your time to people… that's where meaningful relationships are built.  Guess what? It's the same with God, spend time with Him. You can give Him everything you have but are you giving him yourself? 

COPPROME orphanage


I stayed at COPPROME orphanage for one whole week. I couldn’t do it any longer. Call me weak. I put myself on such a guilt trip because I wondered if the children felt how I felt with the emotion of  "I can’t do this anymore…" But how can I compare what I felt to these children feelings? When they are feeling a hundred other emotions of what they have left behind. These children are strong… being weak is not an option. You want to know how these children inspire me? Yes the typical ‘look how happy they are’ because we’ve heard a tiny spec of what they’ve been through. Let’s look at how powerful they are. They have the power to say they survived. They have the power to say they are succeeding.

They have the POWER to bring good into the world. what a testimony. 

You won’t let them down: orphans won’t be orphans forever. PSALM 10:14 MSG

We had the opportunity to take some of the children from COPPROME orphanage to Copan during this summer. My favorite part of the whole trip is that little Michele was able to join us. She arrived at COPPROME on a Friday this past June. Her story is tough but when she arrived at orphanage, she had a smile on her face because she was home. These children have a past that will rip your heart out. But children always amaze me... I desire to love people like they love, ask questions like they ask, and be myself at every moment. 

 Padrino Program in Brisas del Salto

Friends of Los Niños started a new sponsorship program, where sponsors or as FOLN calls them Padrinos (Godparents in Spanish),  can develop a personal connection with a child in need in Brisas del Salto. It gives you a special opportunity to care and love on a child who will love and care about you more than you'd ever imagine. The Padrino Program go towards the community projects like education, construction, clean water, and proper drainage. 

MY heart explodes with excitement every time I find out a new person wants to become a Padrino. Once you become a Padrino, you will write 2-3 letters a year to your sponsored child. Your letters never go unnoticed. Words are empowering, more empowering than physical gifts and is such a great tool to use for these children living in poverty. It will be a piece of paper that holds so much LOVE + HOPE. Your letter writing turns your sponsorship into a relationship.  

For more information, email  FOLNpadrinos@yahoo.com

there is 180+ children in Brisas del Salto - srsly become a Padrino today! feel free to ask me any question you may have. 

Nahun Gabriel 

Nahun Gabriel 

Juan David (sponsored)

Juan David(sponsored)

Cinthia (sponsored)


Keily (sponsored) , Jade Maria, Angel Gabriel, Katherine 

Keily(sponsored), Jade Maria, Angel Gabriel, Katherine 

Josue Daniel (sponsored)

Josue Daniel(sponsored)

Fernando (sponsored)      


Maykol, Carlos, Anderson, Justin, Litzy (sponsored)  and crazy kid in front is Juan David (sponsored)

Maykol, Carlos, Anderson, Justin, Litzy(sponsored) and crazy kid in front is Juan David(sponsored)

Justin, Josue (sponsored) , Oscar, Genesis (sponsored  ) , Maykol, Litzy (sponsored) , Carlos

Justin, Josue(sponsored), Oscar, Genesis(sponsored), Maykol, Litzy(sponsored), Carlos

Katherine, Yeni Sarahi, Genesis (sponsored)

Katherine, Yeni Sarahi, Genesis(sponsored)

Give me a reason why you aren't sponsoring a child and I'll show you more photos why you should ;) 

Maryuri (sponsored)




Reina Alejandra

Reina Alejandra

David Alexander, Karla Maribel, and Maria Antonia

David Alexander, Karla Maribel, and Maria Antonia

Luis Mario 

Luis Mario 

Josue Jeremias 

Josue Jeremias 

Jose Adonay (sponsored)

Jose Adonay(sponsored)

I don’t even know where to begin on talking about this community. It brings tears to my eyes the fact that I’m away from them.  This summer we had the opportunity to walk to each child's home in Brisas del Salto, sign them up for the program, and photograph them. In mission work, the hardest thing to learn is that you physically cannot help them all. But you know what you can do.... S M I L E, create the best moments, speak truth, and always tell them how beautifully they are made.  

Flor Estrella and Luis Fernando 

Flor Estrella and Luis Fernando 

Ana Maria (sponsored)

Ana Maria(sponsored)

Karen Andrea and Leticia (sponsored)

Karen Andrea and Leticia(sponsored)

Josue Daniel (sponsored)

Josue Daniel(sponsored)

Angel David, mother, Evelyn Yasmin, and Helen Michel

Angel David, mother, Evelyn Yasmin, and Helen Michel

Angel Josue 

Angel Josue 

Yefrin Antonio

Yefrin Antonio

This summer I saw poverty and struggles. But I also saw love and provision. God brings us through the darkness so we can see the light. God has brought me through darkness that I was fighting within myself each day.... But if wasn’t for this darkness, I would of never seen the light or even cared about the light. I held myself as an idol all my life… (and still do a lot of the time) but we have to remind ourselves, all good things belong to God. I didn’t make it through this summer on my own. Heck no! I’d be a complete fool if I thought I did this by myself… The Holy Spirit guided, protected, and provided for me each and every single day. And NOT just in Honduras.  E V E R Y D A Y  before this adventure and the days to come. God sometimes has to bring us through desperation to show us how much He is at work in our lives. 


The simple act of just knowing a persons name is special, it makes people feel known. When I go to Brisas del Salto, I can hear children from different directions saying my name. This makes my heart swell. And I can see how much it means to the children when I remember their name. Then BAM, there’s your connection. The bond we've created with this community amazes me because we barley can communicate but it all goes back to giving time to one another. Don’t let the fear of not speaking the same language think you can’t have a connection with these children.

You can and you will.


We were provided a lunch each day we were in Brisas del Salto. Every house we went to, we were offered some kind of drink. Living starts with giving and these people know how to give. They say that Friends of Los Niños is doing so much for them, which is very true, but what they did for me this summer is something I could never repay them with. I would of never imagined I’d be apart of something so good!!!

these children and whole community have won my heart! 

being a padrino

I'm happy to say that I am a Madrina(Godmother) to two girls.  

Sindy baby has lived in COPPROME orphanage for six years now with her brother, Marvin. I always have so much fun with these two because they are both such goof balls and their smiles are completely contagious. This summer my love for them both together and individually has grown. I saw the hard work Sindy puts into her school work and how Marvin gets away with things by just smiling and giving you his whole self in a hug. I know how much Sindy wants to dye her hair red, purple, and blue and how giving Marvin a letter with words of encouragement can change his whole attitude. These two have my attention and love. "I love you forever and always." 

My girl Litzy. Friends of Los Niños visited Brisas del Salto for the first time in  June 2016. It's so funny to look back on those photo I took that visit because I have so many of Litzy. The first day we went this summer, I was on the look for this girl I had so many photographs of. Well let me just say that Litzy has a personality that is hard to miss so it's obvious that I found her the first day. Her home ended up being our 'home base' all summer long. Her mother would cook lunch for us each day we were there and Litzy would walk with us to each house to sign up children. This girl had me laughing all the time with her outgoing personality so it's pretty obvious that I needed to sponsor her. Spending so much quality time with her and her family is such a special experience... I'm forever thankful. 

L I V E   to   G I V E

My desire to do more in Honduras is H U G E! I don’t know what that looks like right now… Well I kind of do ;) when the time is right, I will share my dreams. 

I’m anxious to know what God is going to do next in my life. Because trust me when I say this, I never thought I was qualified for this work and that I'd even make it two months in Honduras. But with God, He has made me qualified and WE made those two months.  God is good. All the time. Can I get an Amen? 

I leave you with one last thought.....

Isn’t it wonderful that you are put on this earth to do great things? Like no matter what you’re going through, no matter what you have done… You’re alive this very moment because God still has something || g r e a t || for you to do.